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Dravaka is a fusion act from Delhi which plans to take Indian classical music to the masses. It is a collection of musicians hailing from different musical backgrounds and influences, coming together to concoct a different sound all together. A number of performances within Delhi and outside has developed a sense of sagacity and erudition in the band’s approach to live shows.
Aditya is the lead guitarist for the band. Aditya is a Grade 8 guitarist and is inspired by the likes of Eric Clapton Steve Vai Joe Satriani Jimi Hendrix and it goes without saying he has an ear for classic rock. Aditya's ability to adapt with any genre is the reason why he was the best candidate for a lead guitarist in Dravaka.
Anubhav, the keyboard player of Dravaka, also one of the founding members of the band, is a self taught musician. He has been experimenting with the keyboard since the age of 10. His innate sense of music and his skill to improvise is unchallenged
Gaurav is the flautist for the band. The sound of the flute in Dravaka's music gives it the soothing feel. Gaurav has been learning music for 16 years now and it goes without saying that he is one of the most learned members of the band. He initially learnt the Tabla , Keyboard, Guitar and then eventually the Flute. He has been learning from Ustaad Musarrat Ali Khan, a renowned Sarod player. His knack to improvise on any rhythm/melody is captivating.
The vocal cord of the band, Shashank. He is a trained singer in Hindustani vocals from the prestigious Gandharv Mahavidyalaya and has been learning for 5 years. His sweet voice never ceases to win hearts and make an impression. He also plays the Ghatam (matka) and a mouth organ for which he has taken no formal training. He draws influences from sufi and fusion music and is a fan of the legendary A.R Rehman. Shashank's potency to take mind boggling aalaps pump's up the band.
Vishnu Vijayan has been learning tabla for around 8 years. He completed his graduation with senior diploma in tabla under Prayag Sangeet Vidyalaya, Allahabad. He plays other percussion instruments as well.
Saksham Aggarwal is a grade 8 guitarist from Rockschool UK. He is a very versatile guitar player and enjoys playing rock and metal his influences are wide ranging from Mark Knopfler to Marty Friedman.
Hard Rock Cafe2014
Kingdom of Dreams2014
Trinity Institute of Professional Studies2014
Cafe Morrison2014
Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce2014
Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management 2014
Antar Dhwani (Annual inter university Festival)2014
IIT Delhi2014
Antaragni, IIT Kanpur2013
GTB Medical College2013
Blue Frog New Delhi - Coke studio @ MTV auditions2013
HT City Youth Nexus2013
Rock a Fella2013
University School of Planning and Architecture2013
Jawaharlal Nehru University2013
Battle of Bands at Shivaji College2013
Hindu College Battle of the Bands2013
SRCC Crossroads, Bass Camp2013
Miranda House College2013
Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management2013
Battle of Bands at Dayal Singh College2013
Antar Dhwani (Annual inter university Festival)2013
Battle of Bands at SGTB Khalsa College2012
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